Analysis of the Subconscious

Analysis of the Subconscious

You think that you know yourself, what kind of a man you are, what you are capable of. You think that you know your reactions, priorities and emotions. You arrange life according to your needs, you want people to adapt to your life, to you… You get nervous when something doesn’t work out, when another partner or friend leaves you. You can’t resist your parents and often you don’t want to, because you think that parents are always right. You somehow function, you assimilate with society, with your family, but you need something else to make you complete. You can’t talk about your emotions, because “you are born this way„ – you often say that. You close yourself in, because you have been doing it for a long time and you are okay with it. But are you? Why do you miss success, you can’t meet the right man, create a family? You don’t know, because how should you know? The easiest way is to surround yourself with a wall of ignorance, shifting blame on fate, childhood, society. Unfortunately, the problem most often lies in you, in your subconscious, or in your bank of experiences. The problem lies there, under the rug, under which you swept old grudges and fears. You are afraid to look in and deal with them, so you blame for everything the outside world. You try to escape from it, but you can’t, because the resentments, despite the attempts to forget, start to surface every time like a greasy stain on the wall; it can’t be painted over with rationalization. Do you know that you can resolve it yourself? Cope with childhood, family and subconscious problems?

You can find out, among other things:

>> why you can’t resist, express your opinion,

>> why you are still lonely, even among loved ones,

>> why partners walk away or die,

>> why you can’t create a home, a family,

>> why you aren’t successful when others in the family are working their way up,

>> why you can’t have children even though you are healthy,

>> why you are shying away from people, why you are afraid of the world,

>> why you wander from place to place, why you can’t and don’t know how to find your place in a given society,

>> why, for example, you are afraid of enclosed spaces, fire, depth, etc.,

>> why do you always meet liars or people who are taking advantage of you,

>> why parents don’t support you, or they are not in your life, etc.

From the Analysis of the Subconscious, you will find out who you REALLY are. Is that all? No! First of all, you will know how to break this sequence of unfortunate events. You will learn what to do to feel fulfilled. You must know that when you start working on yourself, you will also heal your loved ones, cleanse not only your own world, but also the world of your children. It works, although you have to work on it, because no one else will do it for you. What is the most important thing in all this? Well, the Analysis of the Subconscious goes to the most critical point of your spiritual, emotional and intellectual personality. Already while reading the content of the analysis you will know, that the story you are reading is about you, that it is you, though you will not immediately accept some facts. However, a small explosion will occur in your mind, and then the next one that will start your transformation. You will start to see everything more clearly, you will feel changes, you will understand your own life. You will be finally able to say stop to your problems.

I guarantee that you will become a different person. Will these changes come quickly? Will they be easy? Not necessarily! Know, however, that the changes will be permanent and certainly for the better.


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