Angelic Horoscope

Angelic Horoscope

Each of us at birth gets own Guardian Angel who cares about us. He is the spiritual guide of our soul. Children are able to communicate with their angels, because they are pure. Growing up, we lose this ability, because adults are immersed in the energy of various challenges and it’s difficult for them to hear the voices of angels. The problems of everyday life are drowned out by the paths of energy flowing from angels to our consciousness. We lead a too hasty life and we don’t hear the angelic voice. However, they have our back and are ready to help in various problems. In difficult situations, we send the energy of requests to them and the angels immediately respond to our cries for help.

I offer the Angelic Horoscope, thanks to which you can establish a personal relationship with your karmic angels. Using numerology’s calculations and a personal angelic mental map, you will learn which Angel gives protection, which is an adviser who stands behind your back as a healer, and which is the messenger of the family. You will also receive information about what angels want to convey, what kind of energy they want to give.

You receive, dear customer, information on how to develop your talents and how to live in harmony with yourself and other people. By joining energetically with your guardian angel, you will be able to calm down to better understand your problems and choose the right way of development. Knowing the name of an angel, you will quickly get rid of obstacles and get help in gaining additional energy. You can also get specific recommendations in individual work practices with your guardian angel.

Creating an individual Angelic Horoscope is very labor-intensive and requires a lot of energy and careful calculations from me.

You will be given access to seven angels, who are responsible, among others, for success, health, individual and ancestral karma.

Creating a horoscope for ourselves, we can also create for a loved one and thus help someone else, for example through prayer, meditation, or another way that I’ll show you.


Angelic Horoscope (shorter version) is the Seven Angels of Karma:

1st Angel – karmic problems, situations related to karma, leads through life,

2nd Angel – general energies, motivates to act,

3rd Angel – success, friendship, society,

4th Angel – opportunities and mission,

5th Angel – subconsciousness, what is in the subconscious, what to throw away or work through,

6th Angel – what we inherit from the mother, what we got from her,

7th Angel – family energy, our DNA.


Angelic Horoscope (extended version) is the Twelve Angels of Karma:

1st Angel – helps you to fulfill yourself, solve problems,

2nd Angel – helps you to understand yourself, connects with the world, helps with material matters,

3rd Angel – contacts, communication,

4th Angel – lineage, energy, DNA,

5th Angel – feelings, love, partnership,

6th Angel – healing, talents, spirituality,

7th Angel – partners, enemies,

8th Angel – positive changes,

9th Angel – hope and faith,

10th Angel – reaching the goal, help in achieving it,

11th Angel – good friends,

12th Angel – deep subconsciousness, programs.


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