My Mission - Ewa's Mission

My Mission – Eve’s Mission

The state of the Overmind, meaning with what you came into the world, what you were directed at. What leads you, which egregors are you attached to?

Eve, you are attached to egregor of creativity. In the last incarnation, and even incarnations, you were a very creative person. You were able to open up to all kinds of creativity, you tried to write, compose music, paint, and you managed it all. Suddenly a great faith appeared in your soul, or self-confidence in your own ego, in your own uniqueness. The conviction was born that you are unique, that you have such a talent that nobody has. Together with the pride came the program:

*I burnout in everything, in every work,

*I have no success,

*I have a problem that is related to love and work,

*my talents are good for nothing,

*I would like to do something, but I don’t know what it’s supposed to be,

*my work is boring.

In the last incarnation you were disappointed and in the current incarnation you are in a creative crisis:

*I can’t think of anything!

*no matter what I do it’s always bad,

*I am tired today.

Today, a very important aspect for you Eve is the egregor of creativity, but this creative egregor is buried and in order to extract it, you have to go to this place, that is reach out and dig it. And the craft, that you can come up with by yourself, will help you in this incarnation. Thanks to the craft, you are able to open a new way for yourself and children are your MISSION. You should look after the children, care for them. You should sign up for the drawing course. It doesn’t have to be an artistic drawing, it can be a course of graphic and template composing. Most importantly, it’s ideal to work with children who are ill, who are not fully developed mentally and physically. These can be children with autism or with Down syndrome. You should apply to special schools because you are carrying a lot of patience and sick children will develop with you. However, education is first. Thanks to it, thanks to the knowledge you will gain, you will be able to show children the world from a different angle, because drawing is a picture of the world seen through the eyes of the soul and imagination. Eve, if you discovered this gift in yourself, and you have it in you, you could even write books about working with children and really get very, very high in development and in your work. You would gain authority. The mission shows what is natural in us. It shows what we can get out of ourselves and go this way, honing our talent. I don’t write about something that is not in you, in your information field, it is in your field and it’s enough to reach for it, turn to it, make a step forward. You will see, to your own surprise, that all the doors and possibilities open up before you, because in this case you will be directed by the superconscious, not by accident. You have very good contact with children, but they must be children with disabilities. A program that you carry, „I’m great, I’m the best!” it blocks you all the time. It’s as if your brain was thinking, „why should I get in anything if I will not succeed?” For this reason, you can’t find a job. On the other hand, there is a program, “I’m great!” and everything breaks down again… In your case, to have a job is bad, to not have is even worse! So you have to work on it. Thanks to the fact that you sign up for the course, you will start working on yourself and the energy will slowly start to move. It can be different courses – drawing, calligraphy, sign language. The course is needed so that you can discover your talent in order for the energy to go forward. Children will feel safe with you, you have a lot of patience in you.

The second aspect is the orientation of your energy, because so far it’s dispersed. You don’t know what to take on! When you go one way, in one direction, you create a channel that will flow energy. You will attract positive programs, success, money and even love.

You have an aspect of pride in the superconscious because you let it happen to you in the last incarnation. There is a program between the subconscious and your conscious mind:

*I’m unlucky,

*my work has not been appreciated, it is not needed!

If you worked with adults on the “I’m the best” program, you would arouse your energy with rivalry between yourself and the other person. An adult person would not recognize your authority, and children (sick children) are grateful, they don’t compete, it’s a completely different kind of energy! Thanks to this work you will not go into “I’m the best” program. Children will not criticize you that you can’t do something and adults will. You can also make toys for children, invent games, rebuses.

Experiences that you must go through to strengthen your spirit.

This second point tells you that to strengthen your spirit, you must be modest. Sometimes we think that fate puts obstacles in our way and that we can’t do something, that we don’t have the money, we don’t have the opportunity, and in reality something else blocks us! We are blocked by a program that sits in the subconscious. We think it’s a lack of money, no possibility, but it’s an illusion. With you, this illusion sounds like this, “I don’t want to! Why should I do anything? I’m great, so I don’t have to do anything!”

And these programs don’t allow you to move forward and multiply fears in your mind. You have to change them by entering into these changes or going to school! Going to school for your brain will be like information, “I’m not that perfect when I have to learn!” And when the brain adopts this program, it will destroy the old one and uncork what is blocked, meaning you will get huge success. This is spontaneous, unconscious showing humility, because a man who learns doesn’t have the aspect “I am perfect and I don’t have to do anything anymore.” You also have to change in your head the thought “no one will use it” for “my knowledge is needed, my knowledge can do a lot of good for others and I children needs me.”

For you there is a craft that you will use when working with children, but above all it must also be intellectual work. You can’t just look after children, give them food, change diapers, go out for a walk, it’s not this kind of job with them. This is to be intellectual work and you have to teach children to think, to look at reality in a different form, through the use of imagination. You need to skillfully find information for children’s development, be creative with them.

Who is a teacher for you?

The teacher will be inspiration and enthusiasm, not only thinking about material security, but above all, working with the goal. If you love what you do, it’s work with the goal! If you work only for money, you don’t progress. If you take any work to earn, there is no development! You should set a goal, forget about passivity! You can raise funds for this purpose and it will put you on your feet! You will start to fulfill at work and also financially.

Fundamental archetypes in your matrix, or family archetypes – what goes to you from the family, genetically.

Here archetypes show patience. There are women from the family who were very patient, they were patient grandmothers. These women sewed dolls for children. You can turn to these women and they will help you in the development you dream about. They will help you choose a school and a direction. Thanks to them, you can make theater for children using your dolls and drawings. You can tell fairy tales using pictures, invent board games and rebuses. I suspect that you don’t believe that you could do it, but I am convinced that if you entered it, you will not recognize yourself! First, however, you have to study, so here you must show your will.

Aspect of intellect and popularity.

This point shows a large blockage. It shows that you have many inhibitions, you are afraid that you can’t do something, that there is no point in entering something, because you will not succeed. „I don’t want to do it, because I don’t really love anything. I was self-confident in my past incarnations and I don’t know if I can do something constructive. I don’t know if I am able to give everything to love. My soul would like to protect, defend my loved ones, help them, but I oppose this role. I don’t know what to tell them, because these are really the problems of those people.”

The incarnation was shown in which you were a priest. You were very popular, you had the ability to speak beautifully. People listened to you. The problem was, you said one thing, and did something else. Today, that’s why you’ll protect yourself from manipulators.

Because of those blockades, you don’t want to leave your comfort zone because you are afraid that you will encounter manipulators again, you’ll have confront people. You are afraid that something may not work, so it’s a defensive reaction of your subconscious mind, “I better do nothing because I can endanger someone.”

Your soul is afraid to leave this comfort zone to not manipulate others again. And it will not happen with children! With children, you will not work on this problem, let alone with sick children, so working with them is your MISSION.

Success, which is what your soul has already learned and what it can do.

Eve, an incarnation has appeared, in which you saved a two-year-old child. For this reason, children are very much saved in your information field. The child stood on the road on which the horse was galloping. When you saw this, you rushed to save this child. The child would not be able to escape, so the horse would probably run him down.

This is a very strong physical aspect, because you manifested your will to save the child and gave the child the opportunity to live. Today, your success is to save children, give them opportunities! This aspect is very important, you can rely on it, remind yourself of it, if it were not for you, the child would perish. Repeat yourself, so like a mantra that you are needed.

What is negative about you and hinders development, what you should work with.

It is pride and boredom:

*no, I will not learn because I’m too old,

*I will not study because I have no money,

*I don’t see the point of going into anything, because it’s not for me!

Such programs and this way of thinking can bring very big problems. The main point is that you don’t believe in yourself, Eve! You destroy your fate with such thinking!

The other side of the coin of such thinking is the program:

*I will not give anything, I want someone to give me something!

*I will see what the day will bring to me!

If you allow yourself a psychological old age, then you will not solve your emotional problems. Your energy will go down.

What programs create a financial field? What is your Mission?

Your will is to be directed at children, but children who survive the crisis (just like the child on which the horse rushed). Working with children in a crisis, this is your MISSION. Only when you give such children satisfaction, when you help them, then your soul will be filled with positive emotions. Children love honestly and they will love you, which will bring you emotional discharge. The bubble in which you are sitting will break! Children will give you a big element of happiness and lightness. You will stop to see your shortcomings, problems and disappointment, and enchantment will come. You will not recognize yourself! You’ll say you didn’t think you could afford it! If you open yourself to it, you will simultaneously open up to your partner and your personal life. You will attract a very good man.

Connecting Soul with the Universe. What does the Universe promise you in the present incarnation? What does the Universe love you for?

The Universe has prepared something fantastic for you, but in this incarnation it says to you: „Get to know yourself first, look into yourself. Take out all your merits, benefits and then in the next incarnation you will be a nurse who will stand by the doctor, saving human life. You will save many lives. ”

Very rarely, you can see next incarnations in the MISSION, and it showed up in yours. Higher Forces never press, they observe. If a man shows WILL, he wants to change, they help. If a man lives with inertia, they don’t press.


I wanted to show you how Mission Analysis might look like on Eve’s example. I would like to emphasize that each Mission Analysis is different, because each one is developed individually for the client. If you want to read about Mission Analysis, what this work gives to a man, I invite you to another article, here is the link:

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