Mission Analysis

Mission Analysis

The superconsciousness helps us to rise and balance our inner strength. The superconscious communicates with us in a less reliable language, pushing us less, because we aren’t aware of those energies, we don’t feel them. Often, we aren’t able to realize or understand why we should become, for example, writers or psychologists, since we can’t communicate at the moment and isolate ourselves from people. The superconsciousness calls us to learn, that is, to set the goal properly, go to it and join in a new for us process. Often, when consulted, the client is surprised that what he has heard is alien to him, for example, that he should become a trainer, therapist or psychologist. If he is surprised, it means, that a strategy that will show him the meaning of his life has not been created yet. Often, the client says that he felt something earlier, he thought about it and began to carry it out in a given direction, but he isn’t convinced if it’s a good way. This means that a person slowly enters his mission channel and feels it, in other words, he feels what heaven proposes him.

The superconscious is the energy channel that can activate us, give us the confidence that we can create what we need. The developed superconscious will itself put a tool on the man’s road, that will further push him into action and incorporate him into the energy stream. All you have to do is read the signs, and here the subconscious will help. The subconscious will show what to look for. It will show other points and it will be known to what extent we are ready, as long as our soul is ready to enter the MISSION.

Sometimes the numbers of the superconscious show that we need a teacher, who will initiate something new in our lives, prepare for a new transition. The teacher will help constructively fix the information and energy channel, help us to connect with the internal aspect. Thanks to this, internal potential will be activated in us. In some clients, programs of the subconscious, or karma, can be found in the superconscious programs. If this is the case, it seems to man, that what he feels is his, that it belongs to him, for example, he believes that he must become a teacher or a politician, and in fact the subconscious is breaking through with his unfinished programs.

The subconscious requires to deal with such program. Most often, programs are interconnected and it’s not known, whether a program that a person feels is not connected to a program of unhappiness or lack of success. Therefore, what a person feels, what he strives for, will not give him satisfaction or fulfillment. He will be tripping over his own feet on the road to success, and yet he thinks that he knows what to do. Such a situation will never take place if a person goes to his MISSION guided by the superconsciousness. It’s not the energy of money, it’s the energy that can give a man what he’s missing. If a man is mentally weak, then such energy is very healing. If a man is unable to earn and he will follow the path of his MISSION, he is able to repair his success channel.

Therefore, if we go hand in hand with our MISSION, we will receive bonuses from FATE. We will receive the energy of harmony. The image of the mission will show, how to strategically set up points to reach the goal to get the energy that belongs to us.

If we get to know our MISSION, we will never become victims of people who want to manipulate us, and we will not become a conduits of negative, astral energies. Knowing your own MISSION program, we can properly address the path of transformation. We will be able to reject our own, family or foreign schemes. In front of our souls will open new gates, that will be able to put an end to what is unfinished. A new path of synthesis and better features will open up for us. This is the mission!

In the Mission Analysis you can understand your being and get answers to the following questions:

  1. General egregor and state of consciousness.
  2. Experiences that can be found to strengthen your spirit.
  3. Who can help us and give us new opportunities.
  4. Ready diagrams and archetypes that will help determine the fundamental life positions.

Here you should look for the causes of some coincidences, and here are formed addictions, that can be changed only by the strength of your will. This aspect shows, how much man is able to overcome himself.

  1. Aspect of popularity and intellectual work.

Is man able to react flexibly to the situation?

  1. Purpose, meaning, what you have experienced in previous incarnations and what is important to you today.

This point describes where there is a sense of understanding what success can bring. We can see what we have been able to do in the past, that is, in previous incarnations, and what impact this may have in our future. For example, in the past, man was distributing newspapers, and today, he may have instinct for management or work as an advertiser. In the past, a man died through some serious illness and today, he will know how to cure this disease.

  1. What is personal, what can destroy our character and what can’t be opened, because it will become a Pandora’s box and we can transform ourselves in the wrong direction.
  2. Presence and direction of will.

Attitude for success, for material success, financial and information field. An indicator of what we can create for ourselves in the field of finance, become an entrepreneur or a contractor. At this point, we also examine psychological aspects that will help us understand what to do to avoid destroying our financial channel.

  1. Consideration of the relation of the soul to the Universe – how this dialogue arises.

Thanks to this analysis, a person gets tools, through which he can work out his way, find an understanding of his own happiness. He can properly manage his own energy, in other words, know what door to enter and knock on, and where it’s not worth crossing the threshold at all. Thanks to this analysis, he will know what ideas and concepts accelerate development and what weakens. Man himself is able to program his future if he learns about his inner self.

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