Many of us have sometimes wanted to lose excess weight, often with little effect, because extra kilos always came back. We were torturing ourselves with exercises, mono diets, fasts and often the result was temporary. It’s hard to get rid of the desire for tasty chocolate or favorite cookie. We returned with longing to the forbidden flavors and smells. Some offer wonderful slimming pills that often either don’t work or have a lot of side effects. Some offer diet that destroys the body. Nutritionists are competing in proposing effective methods of nutrition, but unfortunately often all these methods are good just for a while. Why? What is the reason that we gain weight again? Have you ever wondered why diets are ineffective, why a friend lost 20 kg on the same diet, and you only 5 kg? Why did someone feel great on this diet and you got sick? A very important aspect that we often don’t take into consideration are the temporary side effects of poorly selected diets. We’re losing weight, but we’re not looking forward to the effects of a rigorous diet. The body will not immediately show the effects of a bad diet. We don’t take into account, first of all, that each of us has a different health history! There are similar processes in every human being, but these processes have a different background:  pathological, genetic, environmental. Each cell of the body carries information, different in each of us. In order for any diet to work, to bring a long-term and effective result, it must be chosen for everyone INDIVIDUALLY. Only an individually selected diet that takes into account the mental, emotional and physiological state of a human being, is able to heal the body. Being overweight is a disease that originates from many sources, this source is different for everyone. It may be similar, but it is never the same.

My experience as a microbiologist, virologist, homeopaths, psychologist, as well as dietitian and therapists with numerological and astrological focus, helped me create a program that helped me cure a lot of patients. Believe,  that YOU also can be healthy, because the slim figure is a state of psychological and physiological balance. You will receive TIPS and ANSWERS to many questions that will concern YOUR BODY, MIND and SOUL.

This MAP will be perfectly, 100% suited to YOU. It will be matched to the information you carry in your DNA.

It’s good to listen to your body, its reaction to stress or to what you eat. BELIEVE that you deserve to be fit and healthy. Believe that THIS IS POSSIBLE.

Thus, the health matrix will indicate:

*how you should look after your health,

*what emotional reactions are harmful to your health,

*how you should eat, what to eat and what to avoid,

*to which psychosomatic diseases you have an inherited tendency,

*in what years to watch out for health, take care of it.

What does the health analysis include?

*you will learn how many meals a day you should eat and at what time,

*how to compose meals,

*what harms you and what turn out right for you,

*what food causes decrease in energy and why.

In order to create a health matrix, you must complete a questionnaire, which after placing an order you will receive by e-mail, send a photo, and give your date of birth.

You get an Individual Menu for 30 DAYS, which you will be able to modify, having knowledge about what kind of food on a given day is best for YOU.


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